Leak Detection

Our specialist trained leak detection personnel using state of the art tracing equipment consciously and effectively ensure the quickest, accurate location of the source of the problem.

The resultant affordable competitive costs incurred in this service minimizes unnecessary damage to a property and or building with the continually updated advanced available technology.

The leak detection service facilitates the location of leaks in residential, commercial, trunk mains / municipal supply areas. This includes concealed pipe leaks irrespective, swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features and irrigation.

To compliment the leak detection service we are capable of undertaking the necessary repairs which minimizes exposure to security risks that may arise from numerous unfamiliar personnel being given access to the property.

Full reporting service available on request for insurance purposes.

Available services:

Gas Leak Detection – Tracer gas is a proven method of tracing leaks. Gas in pumped into the line, it exits the leak, our state of the art detection equipment picks up the gas.

Acoustic listening device – Leaks create a noise. This noise detectors amplify the sound allowing us to pinpoint the leaks.

Damp Testing – Damp testers are used to pick moisture in concrete, below tiles. The higher the reading helps us pinpoint where the leak is.

Thermal Imaging – Allows us to pick up hot and colder areas visually.

Pipe / Utility Location – Finding pipes and your utilities such as water pipes and electrical cable. These include line tracing, galvanised pipe tracing, copper pipe tracing, Sonde tracing, Sewer and storm line tracing, locating blockages.

Pool Leak Detection – All the above mentioned processes are used for your swimming pools.

CCTV Camera Inspections – Sewer lines, storm drains and down pipes, locating hidden manholes underground.

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