Heat Pumps and Solar

Approved distributors and installers of ITS and Kwikot Heat Pumps and Solar Systems.

Since water heating accounts for somewhere between 30% and 50% of the electrical power cost for the average home, it makes sense to check out methods to cut down this cost. The hot water for most residences is stored in a hot water cylinder, with an electric resistance element which utilizes somewhere between 3kW and 4kW of electrical power.

Two systems are generally employed to assume the job of supplying hot water. Solar Water Heating (SWH), which utilizes solar collectors or solar panels typically installed on the roof of the building, is a well-proven technology in which radiant heat from the sun is used to directly heat the water. Heat pumps are electrically-driven units which convert the background air temperature into heat, generally using around 1/3 of the electric power of an equivalent heating element.

When evaluating the feasibility of potentially installing either cost saving devices please do not utilize rebates in your exercise. Although the payback period is affected in the longer term these will provide you with a finance benefit.

A service contract is available to keep you warranty intact with ITS.

Swimming Pool Solar and Heat Pumps

We offer swimming pool heat pumps and solar allowing you to use your pool all year round.

Our swimming pool heat pumps have titanium condensers. Titanium is a metal that is virtually impervious to chlorine, bromine, hydrochloric acid, salt and other chemicals commonly found in a pool or spa – making it the ideal material to give you years of trouble-free use.

Available heat pumps for:

  • 5kw for your Patio Pool (3mx3m)
  • 10kw for swimming pools up to 50 000 litres
  • 13KW for swimming pools up to 75 000 litres
  • 18 Kw for swimming pools of 100 000 litres
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